ABC SEMI recently enjoyed a well-needed Board Meeting/Shoot outing thanks to Robert Clancy, Dave Pytlowany, and Tom Campbell.

The Huntsman Club in Dryden Township provided the setting for an informative visit by ABC SEMI endorsed 10th Congressional District candidate, Lisa McClain. After an enlightening meeting and a wonderful meal and fellowship was shared followed by a trap and skeet shoot—even with COVID-19 precautions, and excellent time was had by all attendees.

“We needed a change of venue,” said ABC SEMI Board Member Robert Clancy. “When Dave and Tom suggested the idea of having it here at The Huntsman, it was a no brainer. What an excellent place to unwind and catch up with fellow members. We are all challenged this year with all of the changes that COVID has brought, but it was very satisfying to see that together we are all making it through this pandemic and can see a brighter future in merit shop construction moving forward here in Michigan.”