ABC SEMI Wins Top National Membership Honor

The Associated Builders and Contractors of Southeastern Michigan (ABC SEMI) has announced that it recently received the National Mullan Award for Growth.

“This is a real testament to our effort to refocus our chapter’s attention on the needs of our members,” said ABC SEMI President and CEO, Keith Ledbetter. “We have dedicated ourselves to making sure that the needs of our members are met and that we are truly assisting them in improving their bottom-line. I am proud of our team and look forward to what we can accomplish in the coming years.”

The Mullan Award was named in honor of ABC founder and first chairman Charles Mullan. The national award is the highest honor a chapter can receive. The Mullan Award was presented to the ABC SEMI chapter at the recent national convention in Long Beach, CA.

“The ABC SEMI Chapter is proud to receive this award for our record growth,” ABC SEMI Chairman Robert Clancy stated. “This is a pinnacle accomplishment for the chapter membership and staff, to continue to grow and still retain and serve our current members. I feel our chapter truly has the pulse of its members and is anticipating their needs for future growth.”

In addition to the Mullan award ABC SEMI won awards for: STEP Safety Program growth, Membership Retention and 3-Year Chapter Level Accreditation.