ABC SEMI’s Most Interesting Man

Drew Maltese: A multi-faceted industry-leading construction executive

Drew Maltese is a fun-loving, fedora-wearing, 38-year old business man from Detroit. He’s also a man in a hurry and a networker extraordinaire, often bringing a dozen or more people to any event he attends. As current president of the 70-year-old family business, D.J. Maltese Construction Corporation, Drew wants to make sure he is fully equipped in every way to carry on his family’s legacy.

Drew’s grandfather started D.J. Maltese Construction Corporation in the 1940’s as a plastering company, which grew to be 100 men strong in the 1950’s. By the 1960’s, drywall took over the plastering industry and the family business switched gears into general contracting. Starting in the 1970’s, Drew’s father, Dominic, and uncle joined their father in business and it wasn’t until the 1990’s that Drew’s father took over the company; A skilled plasterer himself, Drew assumed the reigns as president of D.J. Maltese Construction Corporation in 2015.

“At work or at home, I always give 110 percent and have passion for what I do,” Maltese states.

Drew counts Old St. Mary’s Church in Detroit as one of his favorite construction projects he’s been part of. He says the breathtaking beauty of the architecture and the intricacies of the painted murals made coming to work particularly exciting and rewarding and will leave a multi-generational legacy long after the project is completed.

But that’s not the only notable project Maltese Construction has been part of. The company helped restore and renovate the Whitney and Orchestra Hall, two of Detroit’s finest architectural landmarks. You’ll also see that Maltese has a long list of industrial facilities to their credit, like Kenwal Steel, Lee Steel and Yapp Automotive. The general contractor prides itself in a keen eye for style and beauty in their work.

Being president of D.J. Maltese Construction Corporation is far from the only thing on Drew’s calendar. After a life altering heart attack at the young age of 28, Maltese not only wanted to improve his work life, but his personal life as well.

“I like to be planned-busy, not busy-busy,” Maltese states. “I usually am scheduled about 40 days out.”

Drew takes part in nearly a dozen organizations and clubs in his spare time. Maltese juggles raising three boys with his wife, Melissa, being on the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), a regular presence at Orchard Grove Community Church activities, a board member of Associated Builders and Contractors of Southeastern Michigan Chapter (ABC SEMI) and many more. Maltese recently became a Distinguished Clown.

“Distinguished Clowns are the movers and the shakers of Detroit,” Maltese points out.

Maltese joined the Distinguished Clowns last year after his father and sister talked him into it. The organization revolves around one main event each year—the Detroit Thanksgiving Day parade. Distinguished Clowns is a troupe of over 200 members that walk in the parade with their own intricately designed, custom-made costume based on the number of years they have been a member of the exclusive group. After a long day of work, sometimes you just need to clown around.

Aside from the Distinguished Clowns, Drew is a leader and former president of an all-male theatre group called “The Players.” This nearly 110-year-old ornate theatre house located on Jefferson Avenue in Detroit is known for being the world’s first building with dimmable lights. The Players partake in 15 black-tie performances a year and rehearse almost year-round. Although Drew loves working alongside his brother and other family members, he feels a special bond in being a part of The Players brotherhood. Drew will be performing live on November 3-4. For those interested in attending, call the ABC office for more information.

On top of his ubiquitous work and personal schedule, Drew has been a member of Business Network International (BNI) for seven years and is active in the number one ranked chapter in Michigan (out of 175 chapters). BNI is a national networking organization which allows only one individual from each trade represented in a chapter.

A few months ago, Drew was asked to help lead Emerging Professionals, a sub-organization of ABC SEMI. This organization strives to motivate and help propel the construction industry’s next generation of leaders and business owners and connect them into a long-lasting fraternity.

“My goal is to make Emerging Professionals a great thing in Southeastern Michigan because I’ve seen it work wonders elsewhere,” Maltese states. “This is an avenue for change in people’s careers and a way to add value to a person or business.”

Drew Maltese is a complex, multi-faceted and fascinating person. To truly know Drew is to peel back many different layers of interests, skills, personality traits and life experiences. He is undoubtedly one of Detroit’s up and comers in the professional world, which also makes him ABC SEMI’s most interesting man.