Announcing New Safety Director

    safety director

    ABC SEMI hired Ed Hanshaw as its new Safety Director. He comes with years of construction and safety experience, including working as a journeymen electrician.

    “Workplace safety is a top priority for ABC,” said Keith Ledbetter, President/CEO of ABC SEMI. “Hiring Ed provides the association an opportunity to offer safety training and consulting to member companies who can’t afford a full-time safety professional on their own.”

    Ledbetter noted that companies often use current employees to run their safety programs who often don’t have the expertise to be the safety leader. That internal employee also struggles with gaining respect from long-time coworkers who don’t want to be ‘told what to do’ by a peer. Hanshaw offers a respected outside influence who can bring credibility to safety training and a firm voice to ensure an end to risky worksite behaviors that make companies vulnerable.

    Over the years, Ed worked his way up the ladder into project management. His entrance into the field of safety came by way of volunteering for a position on a project that no one else would, safety coordination.

    Ed described his transition into his initial role in safety, “At the time, I had no idea how important the role was nor how much I would like it. As an electrician I was accustomed to safety procedures and working safely, but now I was tasked with helping others work safely and helping them understand why. For me, it just isn’t about enforcing safety policies, but more about educating why those policies and procedures are in place. I think coming from the field ultimately helps me connect with our tradespeople. At the end of the day, we all just want to go home to enjoy our families, hobbies, sports, and the things we work so hard for.” He has since worked for general contractors and has been involved with construction projects for GM, Ford, Beaumont, Ascension Hospitals, Wayne State University, Arauco Grayling Particle Board Plant, Detroit Water and Sewage Department, and Great Lakes Water Authority, to name a few.

    Ed was drawn to ABC SEMI due to ABC’s passion for promoting safety culture. “During my years in the construction field, I unfortunately witnessed and investigated many accidents and injuries on jobsites. I always thought to myself, ‘What more could I have done to somehow help and enhance the safety on my sites so that each worker was able to go home safely each night?’ The opportunity ABC presented to further help not just one company with their safety culture, but many, appealed to me the most. Also, the opportunity to start the introduction of safety through training OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 to our students on the SEMCA side greatly appealed to me as well. Safety is such an important role for construction projects and our tradespeople, and the thought of helping spread that knowledge and understanding so we can all go home at the end of the day was just too much to pass up.”

    Ed’s safety philosophy involves a healthy balance between worker protection and productivity. “I believe safety is important three times on every project — first, last, and always. Having worked in the field for many years, I understand the demand for production and profitability — but I also understand the need to keep our people safe and healthy. I believe safety and production need to go hand-in-hand to keep projects moving in the right direction.”

    Ed has hit the ground running by offering services to ABC member companies from day one. “I can provide training through OSHA 10, which provides your crew either basic safety awareness education, and OSHA 30 for a more in depth look at safety on projects, depending on your needs. I can assist you with your setting up new safety policies and procedures or reviewing and revising existing policies to ensure compliance.”