Celebrating the Red, White, and Blue in the ABC Freedom Room

    The ABC staff welcomed members, political candidates, and guests to the Southeastern Michigan chapter office in early May to debut the new networking space.

    Dubbed the Freedom Room, this new space is a resource for ABC SEMI members looking to network within the association and increase business. This is also a place where member companies can host team building and training to boost their employees’ knowledge of the industry.

    “This room has been a vision of mine ever since I came to ABC six years ago,” said Keith Ledbetter, president and CEO of ABC SEMI. “The goal was to build a room that represents the values we have as an association that connect all of our members.”
    Ledbetter continued saying the number one value of the association is represented in the staple piece of the room, which is the 8-foot, high-tensile steel American flag proudly displayed on the west wall, which provides a unique photo opportunity. He credits the ABC members as hard-working business owners out to achieve the American dream, and wants that flag to remind them they’re on the path to achieve that and more.

    The event included visits from local politicians, esteemed military personnel and the hard-working tradesmen who built the Freedom Room. Attendees enjoyed the space over appetizers and cocktails—including red and blue frozen drinks.

    Like any true ABC Southeastern Michigan event, the program kicked off with the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem performed by four seniors from Lutheran Northwest High School.

    “It means so much to me to see everyone in this room that has been a drawing on my office wall for the last six years,” Ledbetter said in his address to attendees.

    Also in attendance was ABC SEMI chairwoman, Chris Scott who was delighted with the work done to make the room possible.
    “I’m really excited to present this room to you and excited for all of us to enjoy coming to ABC that much more,” Scott said at the ribbon cutting. “Our goal is to strengthen the construction world—our people, our businesses and our students, and really help this community grow with our members.”

    The ABC Southeastern Michigan Freedom Room will serve to welcome our members, their employees, and guests to the ABC office to connect and grow business. This room will also resemble ABC’s values and our deep love for free enterprise, entrepreneurism, and America. Please reach out to the ABC office if you are interested in hosting employee building or training in the Freedom Room.