Four Years Flies By

A Profile of a SEMCA Electrical Graduate

Joshua Smart was born with a name that demanded ambition: Smart. He had to live up to it, right? When you first meet Josh he may seem like an introvert; a quiet guy who keeps his head down and plows ahead. And while that is somewhat true, if you spark a conversation with Josh beware: this guy is SMART and he knows what he wants. “When I first enrolled at SEMCA, I just wanted to be an electrician,” said Smart. “I don’t really know why, but it seemed like a good idea.” Four years later, Josh said, this is exactly the field and role for him. For now.

Josh has worked for Daniel Electric in Auburn Hills for four years. “The fours years at SEMCA has just flown by,” he said. Josh originally planned to be an electrician for the rest of his life, but, that goal has morphed a bit. Why? “Working at Daniel Electric and working with skilled and knowledgeable mentors in addition to the knowledge I have gained from SEMCA instructors has made me see the whole picture and all of my options,” he said. Josh plans to work as an electrician for several more years to gain experience in all things electrical and to continue learning on-the-job. He also has plans to take a few classes and learn supervision, accounting and other skills one would need to own a business because that’s where he sees himself someday: a business owner, a contractor.

Josh represented ABC SEMI at this year’s national Craft Championship in Long Beach, CA, competing against 400 other electrical apprentices from around the country. “When I was at the ABC National convention to compete in Craft Championship,” he said, “I met so many different people, students from all over the USA. I loved the competition and wish I could have brought all of my classmates with me. I learned so much about ABC and I can say with certainty that I learned skills at SEMCA that make me competitive nationally.” Josh thoroughly enjoyed visiting the aquarium, the plaza and the other convention formal events. He said he did a lot of listening and learning—who is who and what everyone does. “I’m so excited to be done with school and to just work for a while,” he said. Josh plans to sit for his Journeyman exam soon and doesn’t yet know when he will return to school. For now, he’s wondering what he’ll do on Monday and Wednesday nights now that he’s out of school.