In the Business of Building Relationships

    The Blue Book Network brings business together

    The Blue Book Building and Construction Network, owned by the Contractor’s Register, is the largest and most active network in the commercial construction industry and are respected ABC associate members in 50 ABC chapters across the United States. For more than 100 years, the company has brought the industry together to forge connections and build relationships—through a network including general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers, engineers, architects, and government agencies as well as property owners, builders, developers and management companies.

    “We have quite a history and longstanding relationship with ABC,” said Greg Tankersley, Business Development Manager for The Blue Book. “Our mission and ABCs align perfectly—we are both here to help contractors compete, bid and win more business. I like to think as a team we do a pretty good job of it, too.”

    The company name is rooted in the fact that for over 104 years they have published numerous regional buyers guides listing commercial construction companies, largely subcontractors and suppliers. Now twice annually (Spring & Fall), 32 regional blue book editions are delivered to property managers, facilities managers, and commercial general contractors. It is often compared to a yellow pages for contractors, given the focus on mini ads within The Who’s Who of Building & Construction and the more recent evolution of offering search solutions for search engine marketing.

    “I like to think I am in the business of managing relationships,” Tankersley said. “I’m here to help our clients stay in front of perspective business, and the best way to do that is to go where the rubber meets the road and visit clients face to face, at work, on jobsites or wherever my job takes me. I have nine to ten appointments a day and am on the road by 9 a.m. every morning. People are busy, and time is money, so I keep it brief but to the point of how we can help them garner more business. It is a simple business model, but a successful one.”

    The digital workflow solutions developed by The Blue Book Building and Construction Network enable construction professionals to find and spec products, share project documents, and streamline bid communications. Properly working website applications are thus vital to multiple business entities on every construction project.

    “One of our primary missions is providing the information and connections needed to simplify the construction process and continually advance the commercial construction industry across the US,” Tankersley said. “If our website does not perform up to expectations, our member businesses suffer, and that’s bad for us.”

    Within the first year of launching The Blue Book Building and Construction Network website, they had 650,000 visits with more than 200,000 biddable jobs listed. Tankersley explained it is just another tool in your tool box that serious contractors get in order to increase their chances for success.

    “We have 100 years of helping contractors meet their needs,” said Tankersley. “No one has more representatives out there on the street than us. I let my clients know that I will be here today for them and I will be here tomorrow, they are like family and I worked for each and every company I represent. When it comes to growth and success we have consistently been in the top 10% here in southeast Michigan for the Blue Book Network, that is not an easy feat. But, I have a great and rewarding job—helping others succeed, what more could you ask for.”