Insuring a Brighter Future for ABC Members


    As many contractors can attest to, there is no real easy road to success. No short cut that is acceptable or compromises quality is allowed when it comes to doing a job for a client—it is that attitude that Sterling Insurance Group emulated when they created their construction industry products. According to Scott McInerney, Commercial and Industrial Risk Architect for Sterling Insurance Group, Sterling based its insurance and risk management programs on what professionals in the construction industry were telling them they needed most.

    “We are committed to meeting the insurance needs that contractors have regarding their companies, employees and assets,” said Scott McInerney. “Many of our programs came about as a direct result of the outreach we made to contractors who were looking for coverage that other companies just were not offering. We are not about trying to sell services that contractors don’t need. If it doesn’t work for them, then it doesn’t work for Sterling. Using our unique Risk Path Process, we learn more about our clients in six months than other agents have learned in six years.”

    There are dozens of moving parts to keep your business running smoothly and securely. But customers rarely see these moving parts (nor should they). What customers see is what they expect to see: the end result of what they paid for. For the provider, it’s a job well done. For the consumer, that only means that the business fulfilled its end of the bargain—hardly something to get excited about.

    McInerney believes that Sterling has found that what really makes a difference to clients is that extra level of service. He feels, more than ever, the human connections are important. Contractors look for associates who understand their work and treat them like partners rather than just paychecks.

    “You should ask yourself what’s the most important factor in finding the right insurance advisor?” said McInerney. “It’s the quality of our programs and services that really sets Sterling Insurance Group apart. If we’re going to recommend a service or product to a client, we have to make sure every aspect of our partnership is of the highest quality. We always ask ourselves when meeting with a contractor, ‘Will they see us as someone they would recommend to a friend or family member?’”

    Incorporated in 1996, Sterling Insurance Group quickly became, and continues to be one of the fastest growing agencies in the country. Today, as Sterling Insurance Group, has been honored to receive distinguished awards for our sales leadership and customer service. They offer: Personal Home & Auto Insurance, Business Insurance, Life & Health Insurance—for over 20 years.

    “At a time when every company pays lip service, it is nice that an organization like ABC vets its associates to ensure they are delivering on those promises and then some,” McInerney said.

    McInerney credits Sterling’s mix of carrier relationships to provide instant access to the most competitive insurance markets in the business. It is their continued mission is to maintain their reputation as an industry leader by embracing the responsibilities of good corporate citizenship and by continuing their efforts to find the most comprehensive, innovative and cost-effective ways to support ABC contractors.

    “For our customers, our independence means we represent you and your interests, rather than a single insurance company and its interests,” said McInerney. “We invite you to navigate our website and see how we can help you rethink your insurance options to get the best coverage and competitive rates. I encourage contractors to contact us and let us show you what we can do to make you a customer for life.”