It’s a Virtual Life at ABC of Southeastern Michigan

Amid COVID the annual Christmas party goes Zoom for the holiday season

Well, it is not how ABC SEMI is accustom to having a party, but there was no way ABC SEMI President and CEO Keith Ledbetter was going to let this unprecedented year go by without providing our members with a much needed distraction and laughs this holiday season.

“We knew it was a possibility that our ‘in-person’ Christmas party may be cancelled due to the restrictions being imposed by our governor and the Department of Health and Human Services,” said Ledbetter. “But we wanted our members to know we were thinking of them this Christmas, and despite any complications due to the coronavirus, we were going to make every effort to make this holiday season a little brighter.”

At the Christmas party, members were treated to a number of trivia games, card games, and even a “wheel-of-fortune” style contest over their home computers. All this was possible due to the brainchild of Ledbetter and the creation of the “ABC Virtual Christmas in-a-box.” Ledbetter and his staff (with a huge assist from his wife Shelly) pulled together and hand delivered custom packages to all participating members. These packages contained refreshments, snacks, and a number of different materials needed to participate virtually in their Christmas contests.

“Out team really pulled together in a very short amount of time to make this happen,” said Ledbetter. “My wife, Shelly, baked cookies and we packaged dozens of boxes full of goodies and entertainment and our staff hand delivered them to our members doorsteps.”

The party which was hosted via Zoom, started with a fun ABC-themed wheel of fortune game where participants had to guess the puzzle—that was won by Tradesmen International’s Steve Tancredi, next there was a “Kahoot” Christmas quiz where members had to answer a series of questions regarding the holiday. That was won by Butzel Long attorney and ABC Board Secretary, Eric Flessland. Followed by an even tougher ABC Dice game won by The Summit Company’s Wendy Belsley.

“It was a lot of fun to laugh and joke with each other even if it was just online,” said ABC of Michigan Chairman Robert Clancy. “This global pandemic has forced our members and staff here have worked very hard and under tremendous stress this year. It is nice to be able to connect with one another and see how we are all doing.”

In addition, ABC held a Kahoot ABC History quiz contest and high/low card game both which were won by ABC Chairman Drew Maltese of DJ Maltese Construction.

“We are a real family here,” said Maltese. “Here at ABC we feel that it’s more important than ever to get people together. To be able to offer a virtual extravaganza like this was our way of telling our staff and members we care about them and want to do more than just the usual Zoom meet and greet event.”