Nearly 500 Students Attend Opening Night

Local Trade School Launches Record School Year

Nearly 500 students attended opening night festivities, August 28–29, for Southeast Michigan Construction Academy (SEMCA) seeking training in the skilled trades.

“These students are not just looking for a job—they are training for a career,” said SEMCA President and CEO, Keith Ledbetter. “Many of these tradesmen will eventually start their own companies and continue the time-honored tradition of working in the skilled trades. The skills that our students develop here not only allow them to compete for work but can be applied anywhere life takes them throughout the world.”

The Madison Heights based trade school, SEMCA’s enrollment has grown to the point where satellite academies in Monroe, Lapeer, Adrian, and Gibraltar were added to accommodate students throughout southeast Michigan. This need is a direct result of the overwhelming need of trained individuals in the construction workforce.

“We actually have students who live in Ohio attending our trade school this year,” said SEMCA Vice President Mickey Mortimer. “When I look out at the crowd of students who attended our opening night event, I am pleased that we have been able to provide them the opportunity to succeed in this incredibly rewarding industry. So many are denied access to this training or are not one of the chosen few to participate in an apprenticeship program. We are committed here if someone has the desire to learn a skill in the trades our doors are open to them.”