Par for the Course Night in Auburn Hills

ABC SEMI members enjoy a night at Topgolf to warm up in the winter.

The colder weather doesn’t stop these ABC members from thinking about spring and dusting off the golf clubs. The second annual ABC Topgolf night proved to still be a member favorite. With the outdoor heaters cranked, members got back into their golf swing stance to show everyone what they’re made of.
“I’m so glad to be back here for this event again and to see a lot of new faces,” said Scott McInerney from Sterling Insurance Group. “Topgolf just allows us to let loose, enjoy a few beers together and have so much fun. It’s a great way to make memorable connections in the association.”
So many members were thrilled to be able to do something outside after a long and dark winter, which makes a winter Topgolf night a great fit.
“How fun to get out in March in Michigan and smack the ball around a little tonight,” said Joe McArthur from Multi Drywall & Partition. “My bay mates may disagree, but I’m a little out of practice and a touch rusty.”
It’s important to note that the entire Bay 4 turned around and passionately disagreed with Joe’s statement as he was currently in first place and remained there for the night.
“I’m so happy everyone made it out and enjoyed themselves,” said Michelle Wood, ABC SEMI event coordinator. “These events are just so fun to meet new ABC members and it makes my job so rewarding to see the smiles on their faces. We’ll see everyone at the next Topgolf night.”
ABC SEMI’s next golfing event will be the Golf Outing on June 29 at Dunham Hills in Hartland, MI. Registration and sponsorship information is available on Please reach out to Michelle at with questions.
We want to thank AIS Construction Equipment, Sterling Insurance Group and VTC Insurance for sponsoring the night.