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Jackson Associates, Inc. Heads South for the Winter

All work and no play makes for a long day, which is why Jackson Associates, Inc. President Rick Jackson, likes to live the island lifestyle when he can. In late 2017, Rick took a series of flights, water taxis and land taxis to arrive at the remote Necker Island to install fire protection systems.

Jackson, who is a long-time ABC of Southeastern Michigan member, owns and operates Jackson Associates, Inc. a fire protection company located in Commerce Township. Founded in the late 1970’s, Jackson has designed, installed, and maintained fire protection systems for countless industrial and commercial properties throughout southeast Michigan and now—the world.

Necker Island is roughly a 74-acre island located in the Caribbean in the British Virgin Islands chain. The island remained uninhabited until the late 20th century when the Chairman of Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson purchased the entirety of the island. It took him three years and some $10 million to turn it into his private island retreat. In 2011, The Great House burned down in a blaze believed to be caused by lightning from Tropical Storm Irene. The Great House was subsequently rebuilt with an expanded Great Room for which Jackson will provide the fire suppression system for.

“It was a beautiful structure that I imagine no one thought was in any real danger,” Jackson said. “Fire suppression systems are like insurance, you never realize you need it until you actually need it. I am excited to give this new structure the needed peace of mind and protection it deserves.”

Jackson admits that he is a bit flattered to have gotten the job to install the much-needed fire suppression systems on the island. It is his hope that this not only serves as an example of the excellent work that his company can do, but also a bit of an adventure for him and his crew as they spend weeks in paradise to complete the project.

“What do they say? Location, location, location,” quips Jackson. “This will by far be the nicest location we have had an opportunity to work in. Having said that it is my goal to show the value of installing fire suppression systems—even if you are surrounded by water, what happened here in 2011 shows that there is a very real need for it.”

Just last year, Hurricane Irma, a category 5 hurricane, made landfall on Necker Island destroying most of the island. Branson is working to restore the island back to its glory which will begin with a few cosmetic projects and needed systems like alarm, sprinkler and fire protection.

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