State Electric is Charging Ahead

Electric Car Charging Market Booms

The Holly, Michigan-based ABC electrical contractor is literally charging ahead of the competition as one of the largest electric charging station providers in the nation! According to Byron Muonio, chief operating officer for State Electric Company, the government’s increasing demand to curb carbon emissions has created a high demand for electric vehicles, and they are making it their mission to provide the electric vehicle charging stations to fuel them.

“We have been amazed to watch this segment of our industry explode,” said Muonio. “We were extremely fortunate to get in early and place a large order for charging stations. With the pandemic and supply chain issues, we are one of the few companies able to meet the demand for these—not just here in Michigan, but across the country. I do not see this demand slowing anytime soon and frankly this market demand will continue to be high in the coming years.”

Muonio sees the fastest growing segment, and the one in the most demand coming from the supercharging segment. The fast-charging capabilities offered by supercharging stations along with the widespread installation applications in the commercial and residential sectors trigger high demand in the electric vehicle charging station market for supercharging solutions. As per the type of installation, the key segments in the electric vehicle charging station market include fixed chargers as well as a portable charger.

“We are one of the top suppliers of the supercharging stations here in the United States,” said Muonio. “And as this market grows, we will continue to strive to meet this demand. It is a challenge for us along with the excellent full electrical services we provide at State Electric Company, but we are committed to the future of electric charging stations and the roll it will play in our customers daily lives.”

According to Dylan Lobbestael, one of State Electric’s Electric vehicle project leads, the residential market is growing at an amazing pace with customers often opting for the more expensive, high speed charging systems.

“We have been pleasantly surprised at the growth in the residential market for these electric vehicle charging systems,” said Lobbestael. “The increased availability of electric vehicles has forced many consumers to seek out better, more reliable forms of recharging their personal vehicles. And, although it is not an inexpensive investment, it is practical for most customers of electric vehicles to have their own charging station in their home. Our biggest obstacle can often be the amp service they have available, but as a full-service electrical company, we are able to solve that problem for them.”

Duane Lobbestael, president of State Electric Company is proud of the strides they have made in the electric charging station market but says they will never forsake the work that their company is based on. Other services they offer are installing solar panels and backup generators in homes or businesses, to setting up an electrical grid for new construction or making smart upgrades.

“We are committed to making sure all the electrical needs of our customers are met,” said Duane Lobbestael. “Our company has worked hard to establish a strong reputation for quality work, done on time and on budget. That is our cornerstone—our mission, and one that we will continue to meet as we move forward into the emerging EV charging market.”