What is Risk?

In Partnership with ABC, FCCI Insurance Group Offers Commercial Coverage, Surety and Risk Management Services Designed Especially for Contractors

In business, there are times when risk is appropriate, even necessary. But when it comes to safety, risks must be managed carefully to prevent accidents, reduce injuries and save lives.

Here is a true story shared by an FCCI policyholder. A metal tool was used on occasion to remove miscellaneous debris from a machine. The tool was placed on the back of the machine, where it vibrated and fell into the machine, becoming a projectile. It flew directly at an employee’s face and lodged into the employee’s safety glasses. Thanks to the mandatory safety glasses policy and enforcement of the policy by management, the employee was not injured.

This story could have had a very different outcome. While it turned out well, this incident stresses the importance of machine safety, proper use and placement of tools, adequately selected Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and the culture to enforce safety rules and the use of PPE.

Do you have the right safety procedures and PPE policies in place to keep your employees safe? Would you like to work with a Risk Control consultant who understands your industry to make sure that you do?

FCCI Insurance Group has been helping contractors manage risks since 1959. The company was founded by contractors and, today, more than 40 percent of FCCI’s policyholders are contractors. Now, FCCI has partnered with select chapters of ABC to offer FCCI Contractors Select, an insurance program designed especially for eligible ABC chapter members.

FCCI Contractors Select offers tailored commercial, auto and umbrella insurance to meet the specific needs of contractors, backed by the expertise that comes from nearly six decades of experience in coverage, risk control, claims and policy services for the contracting industry.

FCCI’s insurance products are distributed through carefully selected agents, and services are provided through designated local service teams for claims, risk control and underwriting. Policyholders get local service and quick responses.

FCCI’s Risk Control consultants offer a valuable service that helps policyholders manage risks, prevent loss and maximize safety. Educated and experienced risk control professionals meet directly with contractors on the job site to analyze risks and design customized mitigation plans that help policyholders save lives, prevent accidents and injury, and keep insurance costs down.

When it’s time to re-evaluate your commercial coverage and risk exposure, ask your insurance agent about FCCI. Or visit www.fcci-group.com to learn more.