Why ABC of Michigan?

    Our ability to shape the future of Michigan is at a critical juncture. With 54 merit shop-friendly legislators in the State House, we’re just two short of the number needed to halt the influx of detrimental legislation we’ve witnessed. In 2022, a mere 1,500 more votes could have secured our position at 56, ensuring a promising future for ABC members in Michigan.
    Consider the impact of your support: $75 can reach 1,500 people with a Facebook ad, $2,500 can deliver campaign mail to 1,500 households, and a simple door knock costs nothing but your time. Imagine the power of fifteen volunteers in a target district who can collectively knock on 1,500 doors in a single evening.
    We are that close to stopping legislation that jeopardizes our ability to compete in a free market and win jobs based on the merits of our work.
    So what are we going to do about it?
    ABC of Michigan spent countless hours interviewing candidates, discussing the races in over 60 of the state’s 110 State House districts, and has endorsed 61 candidates while also deciding to let a handful of races play out without an endorsement because several candidates in the race met the requirements to be considered a merit shop champion. ABC of Michigan recently released those publicly. We encourage you to find one of those candidates close to your region, reach out to them, and meet them yourselves. You can also write a check, knock on some doors, and make some phone calls. Never forget how close we were in 2022. One more door, one more phone call, and one more $20 check might change the outlook for our entire industry.
    At ABC of Michigan, we’ve developed a comprehensive campaign plan to invest over $200,000 into four of the most crucial districts in the state. These efforts, including polling, digital ads, and mail, are designed to make a significant impact. Your contribution to ABC of Michigan’s PAC or our Corporate Action Fund will directly support and enhance these efforts. Thanks to the strong participation in our Legislative Day event, we’re well on our way to meeting our budget and expanding our reach to five or six districts. If you still want to contribute, there’s time to make a difference.
    Finally, ABC of Michigan will take a hands-on approach in key districts across the state. Opportunities to participate in group door-knocking days will pop up in the late summer and early fall, and it is vitally important for our members to get involved. There is no better way to win a vote than a one-on-one conversation with a voter.
    ABC members know the saying, ‘Get into politics or get out of business.’ Unfortunately, 2023 and 2024 have proven that quote to be truer than ever. Luckily, we have an opportunity to get into politics and get our state back on track.
    Want to get involved? Reach out to Shane Hernandez, president of ABC of Michigan at shernandez@abcmi.com and let him know how you can help.