Developing the Workforce of Tomorrow: Understanding the value younger generations bring to the workforce

There’s no secret that there simply are not enough workers to fill the number of open jobs in the construction industry. Companies are dependent on the younger generation opting for the skilled trades pathway in high school to fill the demand. With younger generations comes a time to embrace their skillset and knowledge, and what it can do to grow the industry.

ABC National partner, Procore at their 2023 convention touched on the important ways companies can understand the value younger generations bring, but also take ownership in teaching them the tools of the trade.

When it comes to attracting younger talent, it’s important to offer a strong work culture, training and social involvement, which are all highly valued by this younger generation. Several strategies were discussed to make the industry more appealing:

Social Media Engagement: Leverage social media platforms to reach younger demographics effectively and showcase the dynamic aspects of a career in construction.
Onboarding and Training: Develop comprehensive training and onboarding processes that not only equip new hires with the required skills but also make them feel valued and included. Promote from within.
Apprenticeships: Offer structured apprenticeship programs that provide both theoretical and hands-on practical knowledge.
Company Culture: Foster a workplace culture that aligns with the values and aspirations of younger generations to encourage long-term retention.

The younger generation is looking for mentorship and they are looking for growth in a certain company. What has been helping a lot with other companies according to Procore’s speakers at their convention is they have been pairing these individuals with mentors, and it’s creating multi-generational, two-way communication. In pairing two different generations, it leads to skill sharing. An older generation can learn more about the technology shaping the industry, but then you also have the younger generation learning what a good old fashioned work ethic is.

ABC embraces younger workers through the Emerging Professionals program designed to help expose talent to different professional development and networking opportunities to further plug employees into the industry. Emerging Professionals is an organization created by ABC to engage and help build future construction leaders. Leaders aren’t simply an older version of entry-level workers. They must be developed by their companies and by their industry.

Through concerted, industry-wide efforts, the challenges of aging workforces and labor shortages can be effectively tackled. The future of the construction industry rests on how well it can attract and retain younger talent. To learn about professional development opportunities, visit