CarbonSix Construction Joins ABC SEMI

West Michigan Company Opens Offices in SE Michigan

CarbonSix Construction, a Grand Rapids-based company, is opening their new office in southeast Michigan. According to Craig Chappell, Detroit Regional Manager for CarbonSix Construction’s southeast office, their first order of business was to join ABC!
“We made a strong decision to expand our operations into southeast Michigan,” said Craig Chappell, Detroit Regional Manager. “I am proud to join ABC of Southeastern Michigan. Our relationship with ABC’s west Michigan chapter has been excellent and we look forward to being a further part of an organization that supports companies like ours. This will be a strategic part of our efforts to get to know the southeast construction industry better.”
Chappell explained some of the services they offer like the Design/Build approach takes a trusted relationship between the Owner and CarbonSix, based on mutual comprehension of needs and goals, to maximize the utilization of the new space being created.
“During the Design/Build process, we will assume full responsibility for the architecture, engineering, and construction to create an attractive and appealing space, with an ultimate goal to meet your needs,” said Chappell. “Under the traditional Design/Build delivery method, we oversee all phases of construction from project design all the way through completion.”
Our Construction Management process allows us to combine our expertise in construction with the Owner’s experience and knowledge to make their ideas come to life. Collaborating with owners, architects, contractors, and design professionals to solve your needs, all while the entire process will be led by CarbonSix from concept to completion of the project.
“We partner with our clients to ensure that their expectations are met—in many cases exceeded,” said Chappell. “The ultimate goal is to make sure we are capturing the vision the client has for the project and incorporating that into our design and build. Once that has been determined, CarbonSix takes it from there handling all facets of the project to completion.”
Our team of experts will work through the estimating process to give you a better understanding of your project costs, ensuring a successful project based on your budget requirements. Also, as your owner’s representative, CarbonSix can work across all stages of a project (including conception, design, site selection, construction, completion, and closeout). We manage relationships with general contractors, architects, municipal authorities, and financial institutions involved in the project. As your owner’s representative, we advocate for the owner’s goals in a development project and ensure its proper close-out and the successful move-in of a client. The work of an owner’s representative varies in scope by project and per the project owner’s requirements; our involvement can happen as early as in the land acquisition process, or later in the actual construction phase of the project.
CarbonSix Construction’s southeast office will be located at 39555 Orchard Hill, Suite 600, Novi, MI 48375.