Solar Company Leads Social Responsibility Charge – New ABC SEMI member promotes the “social responsible individual” at their core

    Srinergy, a solar energy company, carved out a specialty niche market based on a dream and an outstanding reputation for their hard work. Providing turn-key solar energy solutions for utility, commercial and industrial customers, they have earned an excellent reputation within the industry for reducing energy costs and reducing the carbon footprint for their customers. Under the leadership of their president, Prasad Gullapalli, they are leading the change to renewable energy in SE Michigan one panel at a time.
    In the early 2000s, Gullapalli was working in the IT department at Ford Motor Company. In 2008 he was offered a buyout and he took a leap to start working in solar energy.
    “I took a big risk diving into this industry. Jumping from IT to solar was not an apples-to-apples approach,” Gullapalli said. “I got my start by putting solar panels on my home, and then made calls to family and friends looking for my next project.”
    Gullapalli continued saying his company’s growth is because of his intentional branding. Srinergy was named to include the acronym SRI, which stands for social responsible individual, and today is performing work throughout the U.S. and expands into India and Puerto Rico.
    “Along with saving money for our customers through clean and sustainable solar energy, Srinergy is passionate about being socially responsible — doing what is right, not just for the environment, but for all those who inhabit it. Being socially responsible is at the core of Srinergy. It is who we are and defines what we do each and every day,” said Gullapalli. “To drive that passion and ‘pay it forward,’ Srinergy gets involved with philanthropic and socially responsible initiatives and projects. Srinergy researches and develops solar projects in areas of the world where we feel we can help and make a difference, even if on a small scale. Srinergy drives people to be aware of solar energy environmental benefits.”
    Together with ABC, Gullapalli is set to grow his team and provide job opportunities in solar. Having been long established in SE Michigan, Srinergy’s team is looking for deeper connections within
    the industry and is ready to dive into ABC.
    We are excited to welcome them to our membership and we look forward to assisting them in growing their business. Srinergy is located at 24371 Catherine Industrial dr. St. 231 Novi, MI 48375. To learn more about Srinergy, visit or contact its president Prasad Gullapalli at