There is something so inspiring about seeing Southeast Michigan Construction Academy (SEMCA) students applying their craft education. To witness a project that starts with just empty plywood and within 8 hours to have a fully functional electrical service is a sight to see! At the 2019 Regional Craft Championship event on November 9, that is exactly what spectators witnessed.

The hands-on practical began early that Saturday morning. With coffee and bagels in hand, the students received the electrical service blueprint for the first time. The competitors had 8 hours to complete the task without power tools or assistance from others.

Six of SEMCA’s highest achieving electrical Level 3 and Level 4 students participated in the competition. These students have different industry experiences, however, they all scored highest on the prerequisite written exam.

As the day went on the competition intensified. Three SEMCA instructors acted as judges and observed factors such as safety, cleanliness, and proper electrical code procedure. By 3:00 PM, the competition concluded. The assignment was so labor intensive that only one competitor fully completed his service. The judges deliberated and the winner was selected!

Matthew Guza was named the champion for the 2019 competition. Matthew is an Electrical Level 4 student and an apprentice for ABC SEMI member company, Snider Electric. All competitors received a prize pack, but Matthew’s grand prize is an all expense paid trip to Nashville. He will compete with apprentices from around the country at the 2020 ABC National Craft Championship (NCC) event hosted at the ABC National Convention.

ABC’s NCC is an incredible event that brings together young people from all trades and across the country that are dedicated to building America. Matthew will compete with the best of the best electrical students. NCC is open to the public and if you are planning on attending ABC National Convention, it is a must-see event!