ABC SEMI has recently launched a new 501(c)3 that will fund student scholarships at the Southeast Michigan Construction Academy.

The ABC Build the Future Fund is designed to provide full or partial scholarships to students who have a difficult time getting into trade school because they don’t have the funds to get started. A majority of students ultimately get tuition paid for by employers after their first year, but that first tuition payment is more often than not a barrier to entry to a new career.

Last year, ABC/SEMCA provided over $100,000 scholarships to students, in honor of former builders like William Pulte, Bill Berman, Ron Mrozek, and former SEMCA student, RJ Rink.

ABC/SEMCA would encourage companies and families to consider making a donation to support new workers coming into the construction industry. The Build Your Future Fund was created as a segregated account to ensure that 100% of all proceeds are directed to scholarship opportunities.

For more information, feel free to contact Dave Staudt, ABC SEMI comptroller at