Arrow Concrete Cutting Hits ABC Milestone

A Company That’s a Cut Above Excellence

In the 1980s, payphones lined the streets and local diners, 300-page phonebooks were how you found people, we watched music videos on MTV, hair styles reached new levels and a family-owned concrete business opened in Monroe.
Arrow Concrete wasted no time getting involved in local organizations. Shortly after opening their doors, ABC was one of the groups they joined. They were eager to start making a name for themselves and knew that associations were a beneficial way to network.
Owner and president, Scott Gedelian knew if he wanted to put an emphasis on the high-quality level of service they provided, he needed to affiliate his business with owners who had the same goal. ABC was that place.
Since then, Arrow Concrete has expanded their business to provide concrete and asphalt sawing and diamond core drilling.
We are honored to have had this hard-working company be a part of our membership and look forward to what 40 more years bring.
Arrow Concrete provides high-quality concrete cutting services throughout Monroe County. To learn more about the company, visit and be sure to check out the honorable ABC message on the home page!