All Signs Point to Action Traffic: Family owned and operated specialty contractor makes the highway their home

    Action Traffic Maintenance was founded in 1982 and began as a maintenance traffic barricading company but quickly realized that there was so much more opportunity to provide additional services to the heavy highway industry.
    “It was literally a sign that pointed us to entering the permanent signing industry, which is really our bread and butter now,” said Action Traffic president Mike Peake. “We have three generations invested in this company – family is woven into everything we do here. We treat our customers and employees like family, and it is our mission to provide superior service to the industry at competitive rates while prioritizing our employees and their safety.”
    Providing signage, guardrail, fence, cable barrier, traffic control and drilled shaft, Action Traffic has evolved their services to meet the ever increasing and changing demands of the road industry and requirements to compete.
    “We really had to prove ourselves to this very competitive industry,” said Peake. “As you can imagine there have been both figurative and literal roadblocks thrown up in our way, but it has been our reputation to quality work that is done on budget and time that has allowed us to continue to grow and remain competitive in this industry.”
    Action Traffic understands the significance of trust in building a cohesive team that collaborates seamlessly, and are dedicated to creating an environment that promotes open communication, inclusivity and transparency.
    They remain steadfast in their pursuit of creating a positive and productive workplace that empowers team members to achieve their fullest potential. The focus on integrity ensures they uphold the highest ethical standards, work with honesty and integrity and always strive to do what is right for clients, stakeholders and team members.
    “I know that we take safety into consideration before we bid on any job and that it is at the very start of our planning process when we map out any project we undertake,” said Peake. “The days of competing companies forsaking safety to low ball a bid is over. Most if not all companies know that their clients demand safety-minded companies to ensure their projects run smoothly. I feel in this area we as an industry have made tremendous strides and police ourselves accordingly.”
    According to Peake they have always relied on their price and reputation to bid the work they do and were drawn to ABC’s merit shop message to keep the playing field level for all.
    “I firmly believe that the industry accurately dictates the cost and requirements of the projects that we are involved in,” said Peake. “I think like many contractors in this line of work, we would prefer that government simply stay out of the way and let us do what we do best. We are excited about being a part of an association that is out there fighting on our behalf to make sure we get a fair shake.”