Commercial Landscaper, Russell Landscaping Joins ABC SEMI

    Established more than 30 years ago, Russell Landscaping was looking for the next step to grow the commercial side of the business. A call to ABC was made just in time for the spring 2024 construction season.
    “We offer a very niche service for the construction industry and it’s often time overlooked by clients because the main priority is getting the building up. They can make the rest look good later, but curb appeal goes a long way and leaves a lasting impression for patrons of that business when they’re having a grand opening,” said owner Brett Russell.
    Russell made the move to join ABC to work closer with general contractors and provide finishing touches to projects and increase the value of both companies. His perspective is if general and specialty contractors can deliver on the build, his team can intercept the baton and give that special “wow” feeling.
    “I’ve seen too many unique and state-of-the-art builds just let the landscaping go, which after a while, no surprise, results in weeds swallowing this new building,” Russell said. “When you add a landscaper to your line of partnerships, we create this full circle construction deal and the client doesn’t have to worry about that part after the project is complete. They can focus on moving in, office logistics, parking, stuff like that, but not what to do about the dirt and mud surrounding them.”
    From design to maintenance, Russell Landscaping can bring those finishing touches to life with any build. Since their opening, the team has offered consistent service that helps maintain the needed upkeep on properties
    as well.
    “When the project is done, that’s not the end of our relationship with the client. We have tools and crew members in place to maintain the character of the project on the outside, so it keeps its appeal long-term,” Russell said.
    Russell Landscaping offers 13 different services including: lawn maintenance, retaining walls, irrigation, tree and shrub trimming, brick paving, snow removal and more. They are located at 25305 Little Mack Ave. St. Clair Shores, MI 48081. To learn more about them, visit or contact Brett Russell at
    Welcome aboard, Russell Landscaping!