Associate Members Form Resource Group to Support Chapter

One member with a vision ignites momentum in southeastern Michigan

A goal in 2023 for one ABC member was to find a way his company and the other associate members could band together to improve the chapter and provide more to local contractors of Southeast Michigan.

Kevin Sheridan, director of business development at HRPro, had an idea to create the Resource Partner Group. A one-of-a-kind group where associate members of the Southeastern Michigan chapter could have monthly get-togethers and brainstorm ways they could be a better service to contractors.
“I feel there is great potential between all the associate members to band together for ABC,” Sheridan said. “I wanted to connect everyone in this group with the mission to build trusted alliances and to foster professional relationships with the goals to better serve the general membership of ABC.”
The group has seen 25% of ABC Southeastern Michigan associate members turn out to previous meetings, but are hopeful someday that number will reach 100%.
“I see this group going far in regard to growth,” Sheridan said. “We hope to establish tiered levels of membership to have a Resource Partner Group sponsorship pool for ABC events. Not only are we making a difference in the chapter, but our individual companies are getting a nod at events as well.”
Several other members have jumped on board with full support of this group including Jennifer Pinto, sales associate at American Solutions for Business.
“I took a chance and came out to the very first meeting in January not fully sure what to expect,” Pinto said. “During that lunch, I made great connections with people who have been with this association for years. It was a great way to expand my circle of connections even more for my business, but also to learn more about the group I want to be a part of. We have a variety of unique businesses in this association and I’m glad to recommend them all.”
The group meets monthly with a rotating breakfast, lunch and happy hour schedule. Each meeting is sponsored by a different member of the group and gets special recognition at the event. The next meeting will be in August in the ABC Freedom Room. To register for the event, visit If you are interested in sponsoring an RPG meeting, please reach out to Kevin Sheridan at

We want to thank Kevin Sheridan for his dedication to ABC and taking the initiative to help us build it up.

Kevin contributes a wealth of experience having held leadership roles in companies ranging from start-up to Fortune 100. Although his background has primarily centered around the automotive sector, he has extensive experience in the IT and high-tech arena and was an integral player in the advancement of modern-day email marketing and its best practices. His ability to identify industry trends and his knowledge of information systems along with both traditional and digital marketing strategies has allowed him to take a hands-on approach to develop business in emerging industries as well has help traditional businesses embrace the latest technologies and practices to stay competitive in a constantly evolving world. As a native of the greater Detroit area, Kevin studied at the University of Detroit Jesuit before earning a Bachelor of Arts from Wabash College which both trained him to think critically, act responsibly, lead effectively and live humanely.