An Inside Look at Power Solutions, Inc.

    Meet Rob and Erin Doan, the dynamic duo behind the thriving electrical contracting business, Power Solutions, in Fraser, Michigan. The fast-growing business they run today with an experienced and creative team is both unconventional and inspiring.
    The path Rob took to becoming an electrical contractor began like many do, learning the ropes from a family member — in his case his uncle — before gaining valuable experience with another contractor for over a decade. It was then that he decided to take the leap and start his own venture, with Erin by his side.
    Fast forward 12 years, and when you walk into their newly remodeled building, it’s like stepping into a world of innovation and creativity. One of the first things you see is a 20-foot-wide mural of Detroit adorning a large wall in a conference room that sets the tone for a space that is not just an office, but a hub of activity. From client meetings to TGIT parties and training sessions for their apprentices, every corner of the building exudes a sense of purpose and pride.
    When you talk with Rob and Erin, their commitment to investing in the growth and development of their team is quickly apparent. They are not just running a business; they are nurturing a family. Joining forces with ABC Southeastern Michigan was a strategic move they took to enhance their employee training program.
    Erin’s management style is nothing short of extraordinary. With her background in education, she approaches training their apprentices with a distinctly creative flair. Sure, they have the seasoned electricians to teach the basics, but Erin took it up a notch. For one class, she brought in a high school physics teacher to provide a fresh perspective on problem-solving skills needed in the electrical world. She also brings in industry leaders, like electrical code experts, to advise apprentices on the new NEC updates.
    Erin and Rob have built a team of skilled, well-rounded professionals that are ready to take on any challenge that comes their way. The COO of Power Solutions is Dave Gladue. When Dave isn’t managing the day-to-day responsibilities of an expanding business, you might find him organizing a pig roast for the employees or a Super Bowl party to end all Super Bowl parties. Matt Lesmeister is also an important part of the leadership team as project manager/estimator.
    Kevin Masters runs the apprenticeship program, and this is where the partnership between Power Solutions and ABC shines the brightest. Every Tuesday after working a typical day solving his clients’ electrical needs, Kevin comes back to Power Solutions and puts on his teacher’s hat to oversee an in-house apprenticeship program that so far has trained 12 apprentices.
    Through ABC of Southeastern Michigan, Kevin, along with four other Power Solutions teammates, got NCCER training and became instructors. The students are registered USDOL apprentices and technically SEMCA students, but they train at Power Solutions under a unique program that requires a substantial investment of time and resources from everyone at Power Solutions.
    Even as the sun sets on another day in Fraser, Michigan, the burgeoning legacy of Rob and Erin Doan continues to shine bright. Their dedication to nurturing talent and fostering growth is the heartbeat of Power Solutions. As they look to the future, one thing is certain — the Power Solutions family will continue to soar to greater heights.