Gamet Gives the ABCs of Dealing with the Coronavirus

Common Sense Precautions Can Help Stop the Spread

ABC Safety Director Kim Gamet shared a brief video recently encouraging members to follow strict safety guidelines set by the CDC.

They have found that older adults and those with underlying chronic medical conditions seem to be at higher risk. As the illness is thought to spread from person to person, experts advise washing hands, avoiding close contact with others, and cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Wear a mask if you are sick or caring for someone who is.

“Recent findings are showing that it may not just be the elderly and chronically sick who are at risk—it may simply be everyone,” said Gamet. “The CDC is stating that the virus can last up to 2–3 days on flat hard surfaces such as steal, or your kitchen countertop. So it is essential that you disinfect that surface regularly before using and when possible wear rubber gloves before handling packages that you have just received.”

There is currently no vaccine to prevent the spread of coronavirus. If you suspect you’ve been infected, call your medical provider and avoid contact with others.

“Fever, cough, and difficulty breathing are the most common symptoms,” said Gamet. “If you’re experiencing symptoms, call your medical provider. The CDC is urging those who may have been exposed to avoid public places and limit contact with other people.”

As most of us have heard already, COVID-19 has limited where and when you can travel. In the US, the State Department has advised citizens to avoid international travel until further notice. In addition, states such as Michigan, have issued a shelter in place law requiring residents not to leave their location for several weeks, with few exceptions.

“Communities all over are coping with challenges such as lost wages, school closures, and access to healthcare,” said Gamet. “We at ABC SEMI are providing a number of resources and up-to-date information on things that are available to our members and I encourage you to call us and continue to check our website, Facebook page, and other social networking resources for help.”

To stop the spread of coronavirus, health and government officials recommend avoiding large gatherings and maintaining a distance of six feet from other people. This reduces the chance of contact with those knowingly or unknowingly carrying the infection.

There are other organizations like the Khan Academy, Outschool, and Scholastic that have free online resources for families navigating school closures, and even museums are offering virtual tours.

“Coronavirus has changed the job market, with some companies suspending projects, downsizing, others relying on remote workers, and still other essential services are hiring to help respond to the outbreak,” said Gamet. “If you need assistance or have questions on how you can help your employees during this time of need, please make sure to reach out to us here at ABC SEMI.”

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