Huntington ConstructionHelps Human-I-T Bridgethe Digital Divide

    Huntington Construction Company is thrilled to announce the completion of Human-I-T on 7 Mile Road in Detroit. They have constructed a space both inside and out that is in keeping with the community they are located in. According to John Doria, a senior project manager for Huntington Construction, the store is the first of its kind to open anywhere in the United States and one of Detroit’s only local electronics stores.
    “We worked with Stucky Vitale Architects and put a tremendous amount of thought into the design of this location, we really wanted it not to just be in the community, but be a part of the community,” Doria said. “Human-I-T had a very specific vision for this store and the role it will play in northwest Detroit, and I believe we have captured that. The exterior has a very bright but familiar feeling to the 7-mile Corridor while the interior is spacious and open, but has a refined feel that captures Detroit’s working-class roots.”
    The Human-I-T store is designed to help Detroiters get online and achieve their goals. Their mission is to use the power of technology to transform lives and the 7-mile store is an example of their commitment to making it accessible to everyone in the 313 — regardless of income level.
    “Thank you, Huntington Construction Company, for bringing our vision to life,” said Jennifer Jambor, senior manager for Human-I-T. “This space will empower the community, create opportunities and promote digital equity through the gift of technology. Together, we’re making a difference!”
    The newly renovated, 2,800+ square foot store, located at 6375 W. 7 Mile Road in Detroit, will operate Monday through Saturday from 10a.m. to 7p.m. and Sundays 10a.m. to 5p.m. All customers will have access to low-cost digital resources and qualifying customers are eligible for discounts on laptops and home internet service. The store will provide digital navigation assistance for everyone from students to seniors and low-income households. Specially trained Digital Navigators will help customers learn about available technology, purchase laptops and computers, enroll in free or low-cost internet plans, learn new digital skills, and receive onsite technical support.
    Doria said the total renovation project was “distinctly Detroit” with its art-deco finishes and minimalist industrial feel, incorporating an unusual greenspace wall that gives it a real city feel. He said that the challenge was to bring in modern design elements without losing the community feel of the space and building exterior. He is pleased it has been so warmly received by the neighborhood and city.
    “It has been an amazing privilege to be a part of Human-I-T’s goal to empower Detroiters with essential tools to bridge the digital divide and create pathways for education, employment and social connection,” said Doria. “We are proud of this project and the warm reception it received here. Huntington Construction Company works on many meaningful projects for our clients, but this retail project will literally change lives and that is an amazing feeling to be a part of.”
    In Detroit, approximately 200,000 residents, many of them school-aged children, do not have internet access, a digital device that is not a mobile phone, or the skills needed to effectively leverage the benefits of today’s digital world. Human-I-T on 7 Mile will provide learning opportunities, connect customers to resources, and serve as a community hub that helps people get and stay connected.
    The affordable electronics retailer along with the city’s historic Avenue of Fashion will advance Human-I-T’s ongoing mission of delivering access to affordable technology, low-cost internet, digital skills training, and tech support for communities on the wrong side of the digital divide. The store is made possible thanks to generous support from General Motors and the Rocket Community Fund.
    For more information, please contact Jennifer Jambor at,
    or visit the Human-I-T website at