One of the most important workforce development challenges is ensuring there are enough skilled trades people for the work that is available in the marketplace. This is a common issue for construction companies because without enough employees it can be difficult to complete a project on time and even hinder taking on larger projects to grow.

The Southeast Michigan Construction Academy (SEMCA) is positioned to provide a training solution to construction companies struggling with recruitment and retention of skilled employees. Training opportunities can be a significant benefit to both the overall strategy of a business and provide value to employees.

SEMCA has a variety of training models to meet the needs of both companies and employees. Recently, SEMCA formed a partnership with a HVAC company to create a custom training program that is delivered at their building. This company was certain adding a training program was essential for both short- and long-term goals.

From the company perspective, offering a training program allows an employer to create a pool of qualified employees. Additionally, it provides the company with an opportunity to ensure how employees learn their practices and share company DNA.

Not only does offering a training program help with company growth, but it is also a method for both recruitment and retainment of talent. Qualified individuals often seek jobs that add value beyond a paycheck. This could be in the form of a Department of Labor apprenticeship program with industry recognized credentials or a certificate for continued learning. Both of those are training paths that SEMCA can help develop!

Some may be fearful of making an investment in training as an employee could leave and join a competitor. While this could be true, it is important to consider what if the employee stays. Educating employees now, will strength the workforce and contribute to a more prosperous future.

SEMCA Offers

  • Department of Labor Apprenticeship Training
  • Creation of On-Site Training Units
  • Portable, Stackable, and Nationally Recognized Credentials
  • Flexible Hybrid and Distance Learning Solutions
  • Customizable Training Plans
  • Upgrade Training for Journeyman
  • And More!