Since breaking into the industry in 2000, Superior Contracting Group (SCG) has been recognized for its excellence as a General Contractor. Early in life its founder, Giorgio Tencza, was committed to doing the best. Even fresh out of high school, he began construction work and always made sure that each and every job was done right and on time. It was with that reputation he opened SCG and has never compromised since.

“We’ve provided clients, whether it is federal, state, municipality, and private, with a wide range of quality construction services for all their needs,” said Linda Fisk, Office Manager for SCG. “Our owner started SCG shortly after he graduated from high school. He started with a small dream but continued to invest in himself and this company, and today we are celebrating our new headquarters here in Dryden. Like Giorgio, whatever you have in mind, we are able to bring your dreams
to reality.”

According to Fisk, SCG has always had an unwavering focus of safety and even as this interview took place, Tencza was filling in for an ailing project manager to make sure his team had proper supervision.

“That is how he is,” said Fisk. “He takes no short cuts with the safety of his team. I think that is why so many of his team stay with him for so long. He is concerned about them first and will step up and lead by example putting in the same grueling hours as they do. He expects a lot from them but himself as well.”

Fisk stated that the company has carved a niche in the bridge and road building sector and that the excellence he demands above all has allowed him to grow and expand to their new headquarters in Dryden, Michigan.

“It is amazing—I have only been in our new facility for a short time and it has been a real transformation for us,” said Fisk. “This was a real statement for us that we plan on being here for our customers for the long haul. The commitment we bring to the community through our work is sincere and we look forward to expanding our presence in Dryden for years to come.”

Although SCG specialize in road and bridge building for federal, state, and local municipalities they are also a full-service general contracting, and design/build firm which offers a complete list of services for every phase of any construction management project.