ABC SEMI Maximizes Your Membership Investment

Networking makes business easier

ABC SEMI invites you to explore the benefits you will receive from membership participation. Members have determined that, beyond serving the industry, they receive six dollars in personal and business value for every dollar they invest!

ABC has a proven track record in serving merit shop contractors since 1976 in Michigan. With over 40+ years of experience, ABC has established itself as the leading voice promoting free enterprise within the construction industry.

There are several benefits and services available for you as a member including networking opportunities, safety resources, training and educational workshops. We are focused on breaking down legislative and regulatory barriers that impede your ability to compete in the marketplace.

Active members derive real money benefits from their participation. One of the many benefits offered to our members is networking.

Networking at ABC SEMI is next to none in the construction trade association. We pride ourselves on well-attended, informative events that give our members access to a “who’s-who” in industrial, commercial, and residential construction in southeast Michigan.

“Networking keeps our members competitive and profitable in the competitive regional construction industry here is southeast Michigan,” said John Manor, ABC SEMI Membership Director. “Annually, over 1,300 people attend our networking events and social outings to expand their visibility and find new business opportunities. Our members only directory is literally a bible for general contractors looking for contractors to partner with on jobs.”

With dozens of events throughout the year it only makes sense (and dollars and cents) to make time to attend one or two. And with a variety of topics like political, industry, leadership training, and professional development — we even have trap shooting — there is something of interest for everyone.

“Even with our COVID restrictions, we are committed to providing our members with safe, substantive, and meaningful events that will benefit themselves and their business in the construction industry, “said Manor. “I strongly encourage our members to log on to and see what networking events we have that may interest them.”