Merlo Construction Makes Safety a Priority

Focus on Training Keeps Merlo Protected

Following in the footsteps of their father and grandfather, brothers Perry and Ray Merlo founded Merlo Construction Company, Inc. in 1991 as a small commercial concrete contractor. With dynamic vision and a strong work ethic, Perry and Ray have been able to evolve Merlo Construction from a small concrete contractor into a leading earthwork, utility, and concrete contractor in southeast Michigan. The most important lesson they ever learned was always put the safety of their employees as paramount on any job site.

“Our staff is like family to us,” Perry Merlo, President of Merlo Construction said. “There are some things you just don’t cut corners on when bidding a job and safety is one. In the long run, your employees understand that their safety is a priority and a commitment that runs throughout the company. Clients appreciate the fact that we take it serious and make sure our team has the latest training and cutting-edge safety measures in place. Our responsibility is to create a safe environment for our team to work in and that matters for any contractor in any line of work.”

Working with the latest technology and a highly trained staffed, Merlo Construction can perform a vast scope of work including demolition, earthwork, utilities, concrete foundations, interior flatwork, site concrete, and curb and gutter. They can achieve this level of craftsmanship by putting safety at the top of their list on each jobsite.

“Before we even put a bid in for a job we thoroughly explore what will be needed to create the most secure and safe environment for our workers,” Merlo explained. “We had initially attempted to do our own safety program in house, but it became increasingly obvious that an outside, third-party safety firm was more beneficial for us. Having someone whose sole focus is on providing the most cutting-edge safety systems and training for our employees without any influence from us is more effective and efficient. I actually recommend this option to many of my fellow contractors as a more practical approach to creating an ongoing safety program in your company.”

Merlo believes in utilizing the most current technology in all aspects of the company. They utilize state of the art estimating software to prepare a detailed

estimate for each project. And create in-house GPS files that are used in their GPS equipped grading equipment to assure precision and accuracy onsite. They also own and operate a full fleet of concrete placing and finishing equipment including laser screeds equipped with 3D technology for paving concrete parking lots. These innovations make for a more safe and precise job site where each employee is aware of what is taking place and how. Combined with their ongoing safety systems keeps on-the-job incidents to a minimum and employee’s safe.

“My brother and I know each employee by name and make it a habit to get to know everyone who works for us,” Merlo said. “We have had employees with us 10, 15 even 20+ years and we offer very competitive compensation packages coupled with a safe work environment to attract and retain many long-term skilled employees. We make sure our team has OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 training and that whatever specialized safety measures are needed are present on each job we do. This is not just an aspect of our company—safety is part of the culture of Merlo Construction.”

Merlo went on to state that personal and professional development is encouraged and maintained using continuing education. Each winter, employees are required to attend both offsite and onsite seminars and training sessions to enhance their skills, safety and knowledge base. The training includes topics such as safety, equipment and equipment maintenance, concrete finishing, materials, and technology. All superintendents and foremen are OSHA 30 certified and have participated in CPR/First Aid Training.

Perry has held numerous positions in the Southeast Michigan Chapter of the Associated Building Contractors (ABC) including Treasurer and Chairman. He currently serves on the national board of the organization. Perry resides in the Northville area with his wife and two daughters.